About Us


Start With Why ?

Hii I am Rahul ! 

Journey behind to start jobguranteecourses.com  is solving  young talent problem that is to figure it out which online course would be best for them and make sure to secure a job.

There are online courses but after completion of courses its difficult to secure job. I decided to solve this problem and that’s how jobguranteecourses was started.Thats  my strong why to start it !

Rahul Chhallare


What We're All About

JobGuaranteeCourses is an imperative resource for searching and accessing creative learning courses which assure job guarantee.

We are on a mission to provide talent all the necessary quality learning resources which helps them to get a job. We help talent to get a job ! You get a job first, then pay for it. We searched various online course that make sure talent will secure a job after completion of course.

Here, all our recommended courses from different education platform will have 100% job guarantee. We help talent to across good courses at ease and excel in career.

We are on mission to empower talent with providing the best of best learning courses.